madinameats-04We are dedicated to offering the growing halal industry with the finest excellent foodstuffs in the marketplace. We provide our customers top quality Halal products—including red beef, chicken and a variety of other meals items—by illustrating on state-of-the-art Zabiha cooking meals techniques and by utilizing the most personalized, today’s technology and devices available these days. We stand behind the excellence of our items, and we are assured that we meet and surpass the recommendations for appropriate planning set forth by Halal handling requirements.

We are a family business and for many years have all proved helpful in meals offering, but we lately observed a real shortage in the marketplace for a devoted halal assistance. It actually occurred at a business conference, when the host created a boardroom plate of numerous lovely looking snacks. Unfortunately we were only able to enjoy the seafood snacks since all the other food consisted of non-halal foods. And still we were a bit worried that the seafood was probably prepared with the same kitchen devices. Anybody can consume halal food but since Muslims are not allowed to consume anything other than that, wouldn’t it appear sensible for companies that deal with a different variety of individuals to have their regular provider halal-only? And for occasion serving be all halal to make sure anyone could consume the food on offer?

That’s when we had meetings with butchers and providers, checked out where they procured their foods and the methods that they use to prepare the meat to be sure the finest excellent requirements and respect of halal customs. We after that created a tremendous variety of recipes and food selection around that appropriate for just about any event or taste.

Next we targeted on looking for the finest workers and most importantly friendly, helpful and client support individuals who know that our clients come first and offer the kind of catering we would look for at our own unique activities. With a guarantee to have the capacity to put together an ideal selection for any event we have not looked back and these days appreciate offering meals for individuals, companies and unique activities across the country; we hope we can be there to make your next occasion the best possible.

madinameats-03Putting a large period of time into developing our supply chain we guarantee the best excellent substances and prepared according to the biggest requirements, and merge that with a devoted client support policy to bring all our clients amazing offer of meals such as something for everyone; and it is all assured halal.

We understand that some activities simply need magnificently ready meals to be provided ready to go, while others need a more complete approach providing in experienced staff to provide service, wait tables or keep the food well supplied and fresh. With us you just need to let us know your choice and we will get it done.

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Halal food preparation is the name for meals that is allowable for Muslims to consume. Muslims have authorization to eat specific meals that are known as Halal (they are allowed) and other meals are Haram (not allowed). The Qur’an as well as the phrases of Prophet Muhammad are the [...] Continue Reading…


Halal basically is meat which Muslims are permitted to eat based on Islamic law. The regulations say that just specific kinds of meat are to be consumed and that meat needs to be prepared using a specific method, it is furthermore important that halal meals are not cooked with [...] Continue Reading…

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